Traitor: A Novel of World War II

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And there was Comrade Lieutenant Maksym Rudenko, disgruntled battalion commander, the newest addition.

Traitor: A Novel of World War II eBook : McCrina, Amanda

A piercing and bittersweet story of unflinching loyalty. I think Tolya has left my heart a little damaged forever.” —Elizabeth Wein, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Code Name Verity and The Enigma Game But perhaps it is the characters that really made this a five star read for me. McCrina created incredibly realistic people, ones that I could have known in school, with their flaws, mistakes, and disappointments, but also with a piercing sense of honor, loyalty, and boldness. They constantly question what is right vs what is expected of them, the changing landscape of loyalty from one person and one cause to the next, and, indeed, what and who makes a traitor. Each character had his or her own personality, humor, and way of dealing with these questions that made the events not only entirely believable, but probable. And I’m glad I did! It was such an amazing book full of twists and turns. I really fell in love with the characters. They had a lot of “thinking” they had to do for themselves. There were a lot of twists & turns throughout the book.For me, the most grasping stories start with an interesting character and then injection of history, once you’re attached to the character. Stories that start with an action scene, like in this story, and bombardment of names that most of the English speaking people won’t be able to pronounce is not something I connect with. I need character development first. Poland, 1944 . After the Soviet liberation of Lwów from Germany, the city remains a battleground between resistance fighters and insurgent armies, its loyalties torn between Poland and Ukraine.

Traitor - Macmillan Traitor - Macmillan

Secondly, the pacing was. Strange. It felt like the climax happened way too early (or at least the most exciting part did), and by the end I felt surprised when it had ended without any other real action. Traitor is a novel that takes place in WWII, following half Ukrainian and half Polish seventeen-year-old Tolya Korolenko. After shooting his unit’s political officer, he’s saved by Ukrainian freedom fighters, including squad leader Solovey. However, a betrayal sends them both running, and a traitor can be an enemy or savior, or both. Traitor is a debut YA military thriller set in 1940's Poland- on the Eastern Front of WWII. Told in two timelines, each with a different POV character, this is fast paced, brutal, and clearly very well-researched. Both storylines are compelling and they weave together in interesting ways, although I did find the transitions between them to be quite jarring and pulled me out of the flow of what was happening. That said, the world the author weaves is darkly fascinating and we learn a lot about a part of the war that is often glossed over- one that is messy without clear heroes and villains.If you miss curfew again, I’ll shoot you myself, and to hell with the zampolit. I’ll tell Comrade Colonel Sokolov it was an accidental discharge.” Also, the fate of the Jewish citizens in Poland is certainly alluded to, and described pretty graphically in one scene, but it is not a major concern of any of the characters, so the book does not center on it. So, although it is a novel about WWII Poland/Ukraine, it is not a Holocaust narrative.


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