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a b Shaw-Williams, Hannah (2 October 2012). "More About Terry Pratchett's Discworld TV Show, The Watch". Bleeding Cool . Retrieved 15 October 2012. a b c d e f "The Watch Releases New Teasers; Matt Berry, Wendell Pierce Join Cast". Bleeding Cool. 9 October 2020 . Retrieved 9 October 2020. Colon is married, though his wife works during the day; since he works at night, the two seldom see each other and instead communicate by leaving notes. Vimes even goes as far as to privately attribute the longevity of Fred's marriage to this fact. In Guards! Guards! it is noted they have a number of children, a fact which Vimes puts down to 'persuasive handwriting'.

The Watch is the most popular book on vintage and contemporary mechanical watches, appealing to both beginners and experts. The book is divided into two categories. The first section goes into detail about mechanical movements. The second chapter goes further to explain the complications and functions of a watch movement. This book is therefore a great choice for someone who wants to learn more about mechanical watches and their inner workings. This compendium includes vol 1 and vol 2 in one set. The books are also available to buy separately, but if you really want to immerse yourself, you need to read both. Both books to buy separately can be found higher up on this list.With that said, featuring both volumes, it is an extensive source of information about all things wristwatches. What makes the book riveting is that each chapter is told in a different voice. Through this multitude of voices, we come to grips with the stresses that soldiers have to go through in wartime. What is special about The Watch is that Roy-Bhattacharya ensures that at least some of the soldiers have not lost their humanity, despite the unbelievable tension, and despite having lost their comrades in battle. Each soldier's voice comes through as entirely credible and I often had the feeling of being a fly on the wall. If you've ever wondered why Rolex is the most famous watch brand on Earth, here are the answers. The Watch Book ROLEX is the second revised edition of what many consider to be the Rolex Bible." -Rebecca Doulton, Monochrome

This book is truly a must-read for every Rolex lover and someone who wants to dig deep into the history and watches of Rolex. The book also discusses more uncommon and less-discussed topics where information on the web is rather limited, such as personalized dials, vintage dial variations and patina, rare dials, and much more.

This book was absolutly amazing. After a firefight on an Afganastan/American military post, a young disabled woman travels from her home to the area where the fight happened. She has one purpose, to see her brother given a proper muslim bureal...or does she? White, Peter (1 March 2018). "Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' Set For TV Adaptation With BBC Studios & Narrativia". Deadline Hollywood . Retrieved 1 March 2018.


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