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Today, I was cutting down branches from their garden to dry out and use as kindling. Mam was standing at the bottom of the tree, and Dwynwen was tied to her chest, trying to talk. Mam was bundling up the branches as I was throwing them down, because that makes it easier to drag them home. It’s easier for me to climb trees and to go up on the roof and all that, because Mam has a bad leg and walks with a limp. But she still climbs onto the roof of the lean-to with me when it’s sunny or starry.

I’ll go hunting tonight. Try to get hold of a rabbit or a wild cat so that Mam can have some meat on her birthday. There are traps down on the potato field already. She’ll have a good birthday this year. The post-apocalyptic story that captured the heart of Wales gets to the heart of the mother-son relationship, the making of myth, and the humanity within us all. When Nyla has to leave her home in the countryside to start life again in the city, all she can think about is everything she misses from before. So when a comet comes crashing through the city streets and starts to glow and grow, Nyla can’t resist a chance to head somewhere that feels closer to what she had before … but what starts as an escape could be just the thing to make her finally feel at home. The Comet is a celebration of imagination, make believe play, and the relationship between parent and child all combined with the near universal theme of moving house, and dealing with a new environment and experience.We eat the rabbit with walnuts. It’s wonderful. We keep half for tomorrow, because you wouldn’t believe how much meat you can get off a rabbit. While they become more skilled and stronger, the relationship between mother and son changes in subtle ways, as Dylan must take on adult responsibilities, especially once his baby sister arrives. Despite their close understanding, mother and son have their own secrets, which emerge as in turn they jot down their thoughts and memories in a found notebook. As each reflects on their old life and the events since the disaster which has brought normal, twenty-first century life to an end, The Blue Book of Nebo becomes a collective confidante, representing the future of their people and a new history to live by. Manon Steffan Ros was born in Snowdonia and worked as an actress before becoming a writer. She writes for adults and children and has won the Wales Book of the Year for her adult fiction as well as being four-times winner of the Tir na N'Og Welsh children's literature award. She has also won Eisteddfod and National Theatre Wales awards for her drama writing. She lives in north Wales with her sons.

Dylan is an avid reader and Rowenna has always encouraged him with his reading and writing. As they try to navigate this new era and Dylan's adolescence, they find a notebook and name it The Blue Book of Nebo. As Dylan suggests, the book enables them to both tell 'our truth in different ways'. In it, they take turns to jot down their thoughts, feelings and memories. Whilst the book is being written, their darkest secrets begin to gradually emerge, too. Through the dual narrators, we begin to understand Rowenna's thoughts, worries and feelings alongside that of her son's. Dylan is trying to comprehend what his future will hold as he tries to understand why his body and thoughts are changing. Skilfully and beautifully written, we begin to see how this small family has survived. What also emerges are the secrets that they have had to keep from each other. They frequently find books and Dylan has been sort of home-schooled by his mother but now is developing his own reading. He is particularly interested in the New Testament which he found in an abandoned house but also gets into Welsh legends. Rowenna speaks Welsh but Dylan does not though he learns some. Improving news literacy is at the heart of First News, whether through our acclaimed news service or our award-winning news-based learning tools and resources for schools and educators.This short, searing tale has arrived in English at an eerily relevant time." — Mary Wahlmeier Bracciano, Assistant Inventory Manager, The Raven Book Store, Lawrence, Kansas


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