Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot Folding Outdoor Camping Hiking Sleeping Bed

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The cot is 90” x 35” x 22.5” (L, W, H). It measures 7ft. 6 inches in length, which is outstanding for a cot. Better make sure you have a big tent!

This cot tent has a cover giving you extra cover in wet weather. The sleeping bag is lightweight, and you might need a heavier one in colder places. Here you have far more than just a one-person tent with a cot. This is a collapsible complete outdoor sleeping system with a folding bed, a collapsible camping tent, an air mattress, a sleeping bag, a pillow, and the covers for the bag and pillow. Unless you are camping only in very dry climates, we would recommend buying a waterproof tent, or giving your tent a waterproof treatment. Even if you have bought a fully waterproof tent, the coating may wear away over time, and you will need to top it up.When used as a bench, this cot can take up to 500 lbs., so you can fit the whole family! Technical Features I'm 6'3" and I set this up on the Teton XXL Cot with the Teton mattress pad. My feet and head just brushed the ends of the tent. I will say that the mattress pad is too wide when placing it inside the tent on top of the cot. It put a lot of strain on the tent, which actually collapsed on me at 3AM in the morning! The sleeping surface offered by tent cots may be more pleasant than that of conventional ground tents. A tent cot’s elevated resting surface can be more solid and supportive than lying flat on the ground, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

There are many different factors that can contribute to the weight of a tent cot such as size, materials and any extra features. A single tent cot can range from 10-20 pounds while a double tent can range from 20-40. Perfect for solo sleeping travelers who want a fast, simple setup each night with a sturdy cot and maximum room and comfort inside.

Nothing quite beats cooking outdoors, and if you want to take your alfresco cooking experience up a notch, consider investing in a quality camping stove. You may prefer a compact stove that runs off a gas canister if you enjoy wild camping or a camping cooker with more space for longer family camping trips. Whatever type of camping stove you choose, you can look forward to cooking up a tasty meal after a busy day exploring. They also provide a much larger sleeping space. This makes it less likely that you’ll roll off of it in the middle of the night. However, cots tend to be heavy, and they’re much bulkier than sleeping pads. This makes the majority of them less than ideal for portable use. This futuristic-looking cot has curved legs that prevent damage to your tent floor. ALPS claims this cot is easy to set up. However, when testing, we found it fiddly and difficult to assemble.


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