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As with the closer to their sophomore album, “ Blood Sport” is as honest and melancholic as Sleep Token get. To me, it feels like some time has passed. The passion has faded, on both ends of the spectrum. The characters seek to reignite that passion, whatever the cost, because otherwise the relationship seems to be rapidly approaching its expiration date. They reassure each other they still care, that they are still each other’s ‘weapon of choosing’, and that they are still divinely intertwined. At the height of their passion in “Alkaline”, their unification is referred to in terms of chemical reactions (“ Let’s talk about chemistry, ’cause I’m dying to melt through to the heart of her molecules, ’til the particles part like holy water”) yet now the particles have stopped fusing.

Sundowning (Sleep Token album) - Wikipedia

Sundowning is as confusing of an album as Sleep Token is as an act. Think the vocals of Bastille with the imagery of Ghost. Cloaked figure, Satanic-inspired imagery (which I'm always entertained by) and that pop??Decent, but rough in a lot of areas After hearing the singles for Sleep Tokens upcoming album and loving every single one of them, especially The Summoning, I was drawn to the rest of their discography to see if I could find more like their new stuff. That brought me to their first album, Sundowning.

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Nazareth” is perhaps the result of that. It is pure, unadulterated rage. Jealousy, wrath, betrayal. Either the protagonist has been cheated on, and thus the culprit ‘deserves’ retribution, or else it is the frustration of his love not being returned. “ I’ll show you what you look like from the inside” may refer to both Vessel’s inner demons and the obvious implication of being shot. All that primal anger, all that resentment, manifested in real-world actions. “ I won’t be missing you” repeated throughout the outro feels like a lie the character tells himself. It is a sacrifice to Sleep. The identity of the woman is less clear: an ex, the woman of Vessel’s infatuation (given that the woman is the same from the video for “ The Way That You Were”), or a former worshipper of Sleep (she also features robed in “ Calcutta”).Iconography, particularly in the form of sigils, has always played an important part in conveying Sleep Token’s message. The sigils for the individual Sundowning singles were written with binds made from a combination of Futhark runes, alchemical symbols, and Ar Goetia runes. The band’s logo, from the original to the iconic one we see today, can be deconstructed into individual runes of Elder Futhark, the oldest extant runic alphabet. In spirit, Scandinavian runes were not merely grammatical morphemes but representations of a deeper, sacred meaning. Bind runes are additive, so it’s impossible to definitively state its constituents, but to me it seems that four runes make up the visualised band name: dagaz – ᛞ, tiwaz – ᛏ, uruz – ᚢ and eihwaz – ᛇ, as well as a fifth which seems to represent Vessel or Sleep in some way (the masks of the other band members bear seven prongs rather than five). All this said, it’s important to consider that finding relevant meaning in the signs will always involve a degree of confirmation bias; perhaps the band and Nemesis Design simply thought they looked cool.


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