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If your pet doesn’t like wearing a costume then they can still join in on the fun while wearing the Warner Brothers Scooby-Doo Harness. Your dog will be as comfortable as they are cute wearing this bandana. It is made using a soft and lightweight material which is comfortable for dogs and will prevent them from getting too hot. This costume is perfect for dogs who overheat easily, don’t like wearing clothing, or need something not in their line of chewing. Use the features below to help you select the best Scooby-Doo costume for your dog. Since there are a variety of options on the market, taking a little time to compare the features of each costume will ensure that you are your pup are both happy with the selection you make. Fit

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There are four different size options are available: small, medium, large, and extra-large. With these sizes, you should be able to find a good fit for dogs weighing between six and 45 pounds. However, some pup parents have reported that the sizes run large. Pros and Cons of Rubie’s Costume Company The Mystery Machine Costume for Dogs Pros Choosing this harness as a costume for your dog is perfect for those who dislike wearing clothing, are big chewers, or overheat easily. This harness costume will not bother your pet and will keep them comfortable and secure while wearing it. It’s even suitable for everyday use — meaning that your pooch will always look the part. Scooby-Doo is a brave and adventurous dog who works with his team to solve mysteries. If you think your dog exhibits any of these traits, it is yet another reason to consider a Scooby-Doo costume for him or her.Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections—they may also appear in recommendations and other places.

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Dress your dog up as the Mystery Machine, the famous van that drove Scooby and the gang all over, solving mysteries across the country and even the world. This costume features a padded van, printed to match the Mystery Machine and also shows Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred sitting on the front seat on their way to solve their next crime. The functional design of the costume should also not be overlooked. Will you be able to hook your dog up to his or her leash while they’re dressed up? How easy will it be to put the costume on your pup or take it off? Safety Next, look at the overall design of the Scooby-Doo costume. Do you like the way each costume looks? Do you prefer a costume that will make your dog look like the actual Scooby-Doo, another character from the show, or the iconic Mystery Machine?However, some owners have reported that the sizing guide is not accurate, with some reporting that smaller sizes ran large while larger sizes ran small. The also reported that the D-rings are made from plastic which is not suitable for larger dogs that pull as they could potentially snap. Pros and Cons of the Warner Brothers Scooby-Doo Dog Harness Pros Vintage Scooby Doo Sweatshirt, Halloween Hoodie, Scooby Doo Halloween Sweatshirt, Horror Movie Sweatshirt, Halloween Party, Halloween Gifts On the other hand, some dogs do not like getting dressed up. Some may even get anxious or stressed if you try to get them to put on a costume. If you haven’t tried a costume with your dog before, you can give a Scooby-Doo costume a shot. But, if you notice your dog is nervous or scared, we wouldn’t recommend forcing them into the costume. This can exacerbate their anxiety and lead to other behavioral or health problems.

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We have provided a detailed buying guide and a run down of the Scooby-Doo costumes that we think are the best. Costumes can pose potential safety concerns for a dog. Any small pieces that could tear off or be chewed off could cause a dog to choke or get swallowed and cause digestion issues. Finally, always keep your dog’s safety in mind when shopping for costumes or any other items for them. Avoid purchasing a costume that has smaller components that dogs may chew off and choke on. In addition to posing a choking hazard, smaller pieces can also be swallowed. Up Next…

It is possible that your dog will enjoy being dressed up. Some dogs seem to like wearing clothing or costumes and may get excited when their owner pulls out something for them to wear. The point is that all dogs are individuals and should never be forced into wearing anything they don’t want to or that might cause them harm. Keeping them safe, healthy, and happy is the priority — even over how cute they might look. Buying Guide: How to Choose a Scooby Doo Costume for Your Dog Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections - they may also appear in recommendations and other places.


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