RIGOL DS1054Z 50MHz OSCILLOSCOPE Unlocked 4 Channels up tp 1GS/s 7 In" WVGA 12Mpts Memory Digital Oscilloscope 30,000wfm

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RIGOL DS1054Z 50MHz OSCILLOSCOPE Unlocked 4 Channels up tp 1GS/s 7 In" WVGA 12Mpts Memory Digital Oscilloscope 30,000wfm

RIGOL DS1054Z 50MHz OSCILLOSCOPE Unlocked 4 Channels up tp 1GS/s 7 In" WVGA 12Mpts Memory Digital Oscilloscope 30,000wfm

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Quote from: engrguy42 on March 20, 2020, 03:19:08 pm Hold on...my apologies. Forgive the old guy whose memory is getting worser and worser... Modern oscilloscopes are often loaded with features, but every now and then you run into a feature that seems easy to implement yet isn’t available. [kgsws] wanted to use his Rigol DS1074 to show live measurements in his YouTube videos, but found out that this scope doesn’t support video output. Not to be deterred, [kgsws] decided to add this feature himself. In the video embedded below, he describes in detail the process of adding a USB Video Capture (UVC) interface to his oscilloscope. You get a lot of oscilloscope for the money, however it suffers from a triggering issue when using delays of 5 uS or multiples of 5 uS. AC coupled triggering is also unstable.

My first modern scope. Brought this to replace my ancient Tektronix 2211, that finally died. It’s amazing value, and does everything I need, with plenty of additional features I’ll likely never need. A lot smaller than expected too!Delivered next day as promised. The scope had all the additional features preloaded, no codes to enter. Boot time 20 seconds, self calibration 25min . Probe calibration 5 mins, so up and running in 30mins.

This is coded in Pascal (FPC Lazarus), but we weren’t able to browse the program because [Alfred] hasn’t posted the source code yet. It is written only for Linux, and he has tested it on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Manjaro. The project relies on Python, PyVisa, and gtk2, and talks to your DS1054Z over USB or LAN. The installation instructions are well documented, but as [Alfred] himself warns, if you encounter trouble arising from subtle dependency version conflicts, you may need to be a nerd and/or a pensioner with unlimited time on your hands to solve them. There is no users guide nor extensive help according to [Alfred]. However, simple hints might be found in hover text or by pressing F1. Disclaimers aside, this looks like an interesting project to try out. Create standard waves from the front panel, convert captured waves to emulated signals, or build arbitrary waves in the UltraStation PC Software. The embedded waveform generators included in the "-S" models adds value and capability to the bench for a variety of applications. However, the issue I have, and which has been discussed endlessly elsewhere, is that the 'DOTS' mode displays dots which are not necessarily data samples. The whole point of wanting to eliminate interpolation is that sometimes you want to see the raw data that the scope is receiving so you have a better idea of what it actually knows and what it is 'reconstructing'. This is very important because the reconstruction theory depends on certain conditions being met--bandwidth limitations and so on--and sometimes there isn't an actual guarantee that they ARE met. I've seen some pretty bizarre results from this on and not just on contrived corner-case examples. I think it is a limitation, and more importantly, it isn't an obviously apparent one. Sometimes the dots are sample points--and sometimes they aren't. I'm not sure what it is doing and I haven't seen a clear explanation yet. slot mainframes and modules for customized data acquisition solutions including temperature, resistance, current and voltage measurements

Let’s give it a try — I’ll be using a Linux machine and a popular brand of oscilloscope but the technique is widely applicable. After all the channels finish N samples at the same time, N can be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 or 1024. RIGOL DS1054Z digital oscilloscope is the new four-channel oscilloscope (50 MHz). This compact lightweight digital oscilloscope provides exceptionally accurate waveform viewing and measurements. RIGOL DS1054Z provides up to 30 000 wfms/s waveform acquisition rate.

note: Nowhere is it written what "sin(x)/x turned off" should be, it's undefined, it's an error condition...) Ultra Sigma software for remote control allows access to many features (most of which I personally am unlikely to use). Replaced my old analog oscilloscope with Rigol DS1054Z and couldn’t be happier! 4 channels, great screen and all the math functions make life much easier. Build quality is much more robust than you would assume by looking at online pictures. Yes I've owned and used both and while I miss some things the 2304X had, the little X-E has many updated features the bigger 2kX scope hasn't. One of the big differences is that the FFT on the Rigol is joke quality (both the function and the UI) while the one on the Siglent actually works pretty well and is decently configurable. Some others are:Standard logic probe for DS1000Z Plus. Upgrades a DS1000Z Plus or DS1000Z-S Plus with 16 digital channels. All that has been said and written about the DS1054Z is true I have been using scopes for the last 35 years and this is a dream to use at a killer low price .a true classic and will take some beating for years to come. The ability to easily move between long record lengths, fast capture, a variety of persistence modes, and onboard waveform analysis makes RIGOL's core oscilloscope technology an important capability for engineers from maker projects to large scale R&D. Anyway, apart from this minor inconvenience, I think this is an amazing device and highly recommended I was expecting a basic oscilloscope and get a pretty cool one – if you don’t need sophiticated maths but just signals observation for good DIY electronic design – this one is more than enough…

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