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Heroes of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

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Rapid Assault. Units with this tactic don’t suffer the penalty from Advancing and shooting Assault weapons. This is a neat ability. It’s good in White Scars but there it’s paired with the insanely good Advance and charge – here in the Successors it’s a bit more whatever. B- Coming to stores later this year, these seven miniatures come together to form Strike Force Justian .

Skilled Riders – 1CP –When your opponent shoots a BIKER, LAND SPEEDER, or STORM SPEEDER unit that Advanced in your turn, make them -1 to hit until the end of the phase. It’s ok but a serious downgrade, and requiring you to advance to use it is rough for a lot of chapters for what you get now. B- Relic of the Chapter – 1CP –Use before the battle if your Warlord has the Adeptus Astartes keyword. One ADEPTUS ASTARTES CHARACTER can be given one Chapter Relic. You can only use this once per game in Combat Patrol/Incursion, twice in Strike Force, and three times in Onslaught. All the normal rules for relics apply – you can’t double up on Relics and you can’t give a character more than one. Some subtle changes to the functioning of this from previous iterations – firstly, you can only use it if you have an ADEPTUS ASTARTES Warlord, so you can’t soup Marines in with something else and get their Relics. Secondly, you’re restricted on the number of uses by the game size. Also, in the Matched Play and GT formats, you must write this stuff down on your list rather than being able to decide at the table. Said to have been one of the most vicious of Rogal Dorn's captains. Founded and led the Executioners Space Marine Chapter. Lieutenants made their first appearance in decades in 8th edition and have now multipled with a vengeance. Their statline is a bit worse than a Captain’s, though in 9th edition they now have both BS2+ and WS+ instead of just the latter, and they have a unique aura which allows CORE units within 6″ to re-roll 1s to wound. This is a hugely powerful ability which makes them worth including basically on their own. They came in small Marine, Primaris, Reiver, and Phobos varieties, with a whole array of wargear options depending on their size and armour, and much like Captains the exact type you take will come down to preference – small Marine for “just get this guy on the table to give his buff”, Primaris to be a little bit tougher and fightier, and Phobos if you want him to go infiltrating upfield with your other Phobos units (though note that, for some reason, this guy doesn’t actually infiltrate– if you want him to scoot up table you’ll have to take the grav-chute version which allows him to deep strike). This has been a significant boost to Marine defences, making them a little less vulnerable against the general increase in AP values which has been a huge part of 9th edition. It’s particularly strong on units with natural 2+ saves, which are now very valuable against AP-1 and even AP-2 when standing in cover or getting some other benefit to saves which isn’t reducing AP. Deployment AbilitiesAs for Scabboth, it looks like he might be the “leader” of the heroes and fits the bill of a Malignant Plaguecaster. Lead his Company in battle against the Empyrion's Blight Warband in the Sargassion Reach alongside a Raven Guard Company led by Captain Aremis Koryn. The other link in the chain to the Champion and Ancient being slotless if you have a unit of these is that one of these can take up no slot if you have a Captain in the detachment too. That means you can have a classic “Command Squad” of Marines that takes up no slots at all – a real bonus in 9th. Servitors And while re-rolls to hit and wound are much rarer now, Space Marines have more access to reflect their elite status – chiefly through the Oath of Moment faction ability . Your warriors may be few, but they’re terrifyingly efficient Angels of Death. Faction Rules This hero is throwing a grenade, if you’re excited about this model he might be able to replace your Biologus Putrifiers

Originally marked for death in the virus bombing of Istvaan III, later defected to the Traitor Emperor's Children. Currently the Chaos Champion of Slaanesh known as Lucius the Eternal. The Librarius discipline gets some minor tweaks and one big power change. That big change is highly relevant to the discipline, though, and elevates it from middling to good. Towering over the Firstborn guys, there’s the Primaris Captains. The default Primaris Captain has the same statline as above but with +1 W +1 A. Primaris Captains have a truly bewildering datasheet with a bunch of different mutually-exclusive wargear loadouts which they can swap between, to represent the various different models GW have released for a “Primaris Captain” which are in no way interchangeable with each other, a problem only exacerbated by the Indomitus Captain (whose loadout is honestly pretty great) and the inclusion of a Dark Angels-exclusive Captain. Alternatively you can have a Primaris Captain in Gravis armour, which also gives him +1 T and +1 W over the Primaris statline (so T5, W7!) and grants him a boltstorm gauntlet (like an Aggressor) and a master-crafted power sword. There’s also now a “Captain with master-crafted heavy bolt rifle” which is an incredibly awkward way to describe what is, basically, a Gravis Captain with a gun instead of his melee kit. It’s nice for the option to exist but with all that the Captain can offer, it’s hard to see what extra capability this gives. It’s also a bit weird to look at the Primaris Captain datasheet with all of its different loadouts and wonder why that exists but “Gravis Captain” has two completely separate datasheets for a simple weapon swap. Such are the ways of Games Workshop. Dom: Just as an overall project, I’ve loved seeing the reactions of Warhammer fans who get to see these iconic miniatures realised in new, awesome forms that meld right into the modern faction. People aren’t loving these out of pure nostalgia, they’re also amazing designs in their own right, and you could clearly imagine newcomers like the Company Heroes having always been part of the range. The fundamental coolness that made people fall in love with the originals is present and correct, and if you’re new to Warhammer 40,000, you get to experience it too. Fury of the Ancients (Witchfire, WC 7). Select a visible enemy model within 12″ of the psyker and draw an imaginary straight line between the two, each unit under the line takes a mortal wound. No changes, still bad. DWhile having new minis is always cool, GW is recycling the old Ultramarines set this time. However, if you did miss out on them the last time around in 2018, now you have a second chance.

During deployment, instead of setting this unit up on the battlefield, it can outflank and deploy in the Reinforcements step of the Movement phase – it can set up anywhere on the table more than 9″ away from enemy models and also wholly within 6″ of any battlefield edge. Non-Codex Compliant Chapters Clotticus is more of a banner lord, perfect for an icon bearer in your Death Guard Plague Marine squads. That aside, based purely on profiles Heavy Intercessors look pretty good. They’re a significant defensive upgrade from regular Intercessors, gaining both T5 and W3, and they’re 8ppm more – so the equivalent points of Heavy Intercessors to regular Intercessors has 1 more wound at a higher Toughness. Their guns are all basically the same as the Intercessor ones but with 6″ more range and Strength 5, which makes them just that bit punchier against other Marines, Custodians, and the like. Unlike Intercessors they can also take really meaty heavy weapons – 1 in every 5 (in a max unit size of 10) can take a heavy bolter equivalent appropriate to their gun, either a regular heavy bolter for heavy bolt rifles, a hellstorm heavy bolter for hellstorm bolt rifles (the auto bolter equivalent), or an executor heavy bolter for the executor bolt rifle (the stalker equivalent). Until these are released to the wider world it’s hard to comment on their competitive use, but based purely on the datasheet it seems likely these are going to fit nicely into lists wanting to build a chunky firebase, and being tough with 3 wounds can make for a solid core of models that are juust horrible to shift surrounding an Apothecary. Infiltrator Squad The new Masters of the Chapter, as per Warhammer Community. After a short controversy these points ended up being the correct ones. Chapter Master Much like with Warlord traits, the main set of relics isn’t the full story, with each supplement coming with more. However, with their new largely-unlimited availability it’s worth Marine players knowing all the tools they have access to, so lets take a tour as we close out the main book. If you’re coming here from the 8th ed codex, these have not changed much– only the Ghostweave Cloak has a substantially new effect, while the rest range from ‘identical’ to ‘minor tweaks.’Decorate your painting desk with the second series of Warhammer 40,000 Chibi figures from Bandai, this time expanding the range with adorable takes on an Inquisitor, a Commissar, a Tempestus Scion, a Blood Angels Space Marine, and a certain head-swinging Crimson Fist you may remember from the classic Rogue Trader rulebook. Standard of the Emperor Ascendant: +3″ to the Astartes Banner ability for an Ancient, and re-roll Morale for CORE within that range. A neat replacement for the old ATSKNF effect, but nothing to write home about. C+ There are a number of common army rules that many or all of your units have, as well as tweaking a few bits of list-building, which are defined at the very start of the “Datasheets” section of the codex. Most of these will be quite familiar to experienced players of Space Marines, but they’ve had a few tweaks between editions, so make sure you read them over carefully. We’ve also included Armour of Contempt in this section, where it felt most natural. Angels of Death After years of being the second Troops choice in Marines, Scouts have now been unceremoniously dumped into the Elites slot, presumably to give Tactical Squads a little room to breathe and also to stop Marines having access to a truly cheap slot-filler choice. It’s a slightly odd placement for them (they’re trainees – why are they “Elites”) but whatever.

These characterful new Space Marines will be available first from select specialist retailers this summer, followed by a wider release at a later date. Keep an eye out for more information on when and where you can get yours.

Darren: We ended up wondering what Veterans of each doctrine would look like. We’ve never really done a Veteran Devastator, for instance, and in the past there’s just been other, existing heroes like an Apothecary thrown in there, while the regular squad Veterans felt a bit left behind. In the last year or so of 8th edition, Marines were very strong, particularly when using the Iron Hands and Raven Guard Chapter rules. This continued even after a number of significant FAQs, and the transition to 9th edition didn’t slow them down at all – although the previously unfavoured Salamanders became the top chapter, gaining significant upside from the 9th ed missions and rules as well as new units introduced in the Indomitus box. Honour the Chapter – 2CP –A unit of Assault Intercessors can fight again at the end of the Fight phase. Tying this specifically to Assault Intercessors (not even INTERCESSOR in general, stopping you using it with Veteran Intercessors or Death Company Intercessors for some reason) hurts it a lot, but Assault Intercessors aren’t bad at all and if you get a reasonable number of them into combat, getting to fight twice is a worthwhile use of 2CP against the right target. B- mostly because of its limited targets. This iconic Ultramarines story is now coming to audiobook format, perfect for listening to while you paint the valiant Space Marines from the upcoming Leviathan box set. Neil: It also came up against how we’d give people the option to go further with it if they wanted to, like adding all of the extra gubbins and relics, but not have the miniature look plain without them. They need to be very versatile, so in the case of the Terminators, we let the big, hulking armour do the talking. It’s the pinnacle of personal armour in the Imperium, and it finally looks like it – which means hobbyists can leave them relatively unadorned, or absolutely cake them in accessories, and either approach will work.

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