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Open the PNG images (see Resources below) and load them in a paint program. Ask children to paint them using warm colours, cold colours, a mixture of colours or different shades of the same colour! Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections - they may also appear in recommendations and other places.

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Use the ‘Elephant Expressions’ sheet (see Resources below) to investigate different emotions and how these are expressed. Sensory Rice 400g | Coloured Rice | Dyed Rice | Sensory Bin | Messy Play | Early Years | Sensory Base | Tuff Tray Base The chessboard is made of elm and sapphire polymer with the addition of blue mother-of-pearl|Chess pieces resin|Wooden chess set|Board Game An old elephant says to Elmer “It didn’t take you long to show your true colours.” Discuss what this expression means.

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Wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults snd kids Rabbit Bunny, Wood puzzle box, 3d Puzzle, Laser cut puzzle, 3d puzzle, Wood Board Game, Puzzle Gift Look at the decorated elephants on Elmer Day. Which is your favourite? Can you explain why? Can you describe one of the elephants to a friend who has to guess which one you are thinking of?Make alliterative sentences involving types of animals, e.g. an extraordinarily excited elephant, a long lazy lion.

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Handmade Large illuminated Chess set elm wood and epoxy resin with potal|Chess pieces epoxy|Wooden Chessboard|Board Game|Vip Gift for him Can you count the berries on the bush? Can you count the coloured patches on Elmer? Can you count how many elephants are in the herd? Can you count how many other animals are in the jungle? Decorate an elephant for Elmer Day using unusual shapes, patterns and colours (see Resources below).Forest Ecology Unit: HUGE collection of printable ecosystem learning materials, symbiosis, woodland creatures, fire ecology, canopy layers


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