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Out of all the tans on the list, this one contains the most skin-loving ingredients. For example, the added Vitamin A and Papain act as natural exfoliants and will remove dead skin cells to leave skin soft, and smooth, and will make your tan as even as possible. It also contains organic shea butter to deeply nourish skin, and aloe vera to soothe redness and irritation. Available in Light/Medium for a golden tan or Medium/Dark for a deeper bronze result, simply apply with an Applicator Mitt and wash off as desired When you pump it out, you'll notice that the mousse has a grey/green tinge to it rather than a warm orange or beige tone. This means it corrects pink, red, orange and yellow undertones on your natural skin, giving you the perfect bronzed tan for your skin tone. We have pink skin, so a green/grey-based tan was perfect for us because it allowed us to achieve a super dark self tan without looking like we were wearing fake tan.

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Braunberger TL, Nahhas AF, Katz LM, Sadrieh N, Lim HW. Dihydroxyacetone: a review. J Drugs Dermatol. 2018;17(4):387-391. Sun tanning is basically the result of excessive exposure to sunlight and, specifically, to Ultraviolet Radiation. Of course, you can leave it to... Pros: Cooling spritz, can be applied over makeup, natural glow, easy to apply on the go, uplifting scent, skin-boosting ingredients

And that’s exactly what this is. It’s a vegan self-tanner, thus only natural ingredients are involved and no animal testing is done. If one or more of these symptoms surface, then my advice to you would be to pay a visit to your dermatologist as soon as you can.

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This tan says that it ‘develops over two-four hours’ and we noticed a glow from about 2 hours that intensified throughout the day. It’s so easy for first-time fake tanners or for people who just want a tan without effort. Maintain your Self or Gradual tan for longer with daily moisturisation using our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser and exfoliate twice a week with our Tan Enhancing Body Polish for no-streaks and even fade.Don't use with: Alpha hydroxy acids speed up the breakdown of DHA; while they're a good way to remove your tan once you're ready, don't use them when applying self-tanner. What Is Dihydroxyacetone?

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Compound Interest, I love you–honest!–but please, there’s no such thing as a “healthy tan” from the sun. Tanning is a sign of skin damage–it ages the skin prematurely and increases cancer risk. “Butt-colored” is best–keep it pale and take your vitamin D3 if you want to look beautiful as you age : ) Apart from the pigment, all gradual tanning lotions contain nourishing ingredients to keep skin soft. However, some specific ingredients have other appealing qualities alongside moisturising, such as vitamins C and E, fruit and seed oils, or shea butter.

Mist lovers, you'll be obsessed with this one from St Moriz. We use ours on a regular basis, spritzing it under, over or instead of makeup to give us a healthy, bronzed glow, and it's one of those products that you actually enjoy applying. But here’s the most attractive quality for those with sensitive skin. This dark tanning lotion is hypoallergenic. It’s got only vegan ingredients for tanning and moisturizing your skin. That suggests zero damaging substances known to trigger allergies or clog pores.


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