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Make sure everything you want her to put in her mouth is funk free,” says Gudeksly. “In a pinch, you can even use wipes when you go to the bathroom pre-blowjob to keep things fresh.” Always ask where you should finish. If you’re fortunate enough to receive an amazing blowjob, Gudelsky says the least you can do is give her the courtesy of asking where you want to finish. It’s just the respectful thing to do. Cum tastes amazing. There's something to be said about making a man quake when all you do is roll your tongue around and purr to make your mouth vibrate. I also love the fact that it drives him wild when I do it." [ via]

Guys Who Suck Their Own Cocks (Video 1993) - IMDb Guys Who Suck Their Own Cocks (Video 1993) - IMDb

That’s why O’Reilly recommends asking what feels best for her. Does she want a pillow under her knees for support? Is it less physically taxing for her when you stand up or sit in a chair?

Guys tend to be quiet and reserved with most sex acts, except blowjobs. We get responsive as hell reactions from you in this activity more than any other with minimal effort or personal distraction. Makes a girl feel sexy, and as such more likely to want more. Theres also a sense of power." [ via] No, slavery did not build America. It helped build the Southern agrarian economy but even the cotton and tobacco grown there had to be transported in ships built in the North.

Why Women Like Giving Blowjobs - Do Women Like Giving Oral?

You may be surprised by the answer,” she adds. “But you definitely don’t want to surprise her when you explode.”

While you’re at it, O’Reilly also recommends finding out what she doesn’t like. If, for example, she hates feeling a hand on her head or cringes when you call her a “good girl,” that’s good information to have. Again, the best way to figure out what she likes is to just ask. Does she prefer when you’re smooth-shaven, or would she rather see you neatly trimmed? Some women may find it sexy if you finish in their mouth, while others may shudder at the thought. Find out ahead of time what your lady prefers so that when you’re getting close to the grand finale, you can just enjoy the orgasm rather than stressing about how to handle it. Find out what makes it fun for her.


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