Khadlaj Hareem Al Sultan Gold - Concentrated Perfume Oil (35ml)

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Khadlaj Hareem Al Sultan Gold - Concentrated Perfume Oil (35ml)

Khadlaj Hareem Al Sultan Gold - Concentrated Perfume Oil (35ml)

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This is the real thing! I love it! It smells so good. So many different layers to it. It's sweet, musky, fruity, vanilla, all at different times. It sometimes reminds of a grown up version of the Strawberry Shortcake doll's smell!

Behold the absolute epitome of luxury in a roll-on bottle, meticulously crafted in gold metallic, adorned with sparkling jewels and intricate engraved patterns, a true symbol of timeless beauty. Notele de bază se desfășoară într-un buchet senzual de mosc, lemn de santal și paciuli. Aceste arome adânci și lemnoase te învăluie într-un voal cald și reconfortant de senzualitate. Immerse yourself in the sophistication of jasmine, amber, agarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli oil fragrance, a composition that transcends any occasion, capturing attention wherever you go. The fragrance opens with a captivating combination of bergamot, jasmine, and peony, creating a floral and citrusy introduction to the scent. The middle notes feature the sweet and fruity blend of pineapple, plum, and peach, adding a delightful and refreshing twist. Finally, the base notes of musk, sandalwood, and patchouli provide a warm and sensual foundation, leaving a lasting and enchanting trail. As the oil is applied indirectly to the garment, this method is ideal for lowering the likelihood of discoloration. Light-colored apparel looks great with it. Additionally, it disperses the scent throughout the garments rather than keeping it concentrated in one area.Hareem Al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil is a warm and spicy oriental smell with citrus, floral, and sweet components that come together to make a refined and sophisticated scent. A rush of citrus and spice, comprising bergamot, lemon, and pink pepper, ushers in the aroma. Jasmine, rose, and other floral notes are present in the fragrance's heart notes, which are counterbalanced by amber and cardamom's warm and spicy overtones. A strong and enduring scent is produced by the fragrance as it settles into a warm, rich foundation of oud, vanilla, and musk. Hareem Al Sultan Gold este nu doar un parfum, ci o experiență olfactivă supremă. Considerat cel mai bine vândut ulei parfumat concentrat în lume în 2023, acest elixir parfumat transformă fiecare moment în ceva cu adevărat special. Dacă dorești să faci o declarație de rafinament și stil, Hareem Al Sultan Gold este alegerea perfectă. Hareem Al Sultan Gold Concentrated Perfume Oil / Attar inspired by the Ottoman era is an irresistibly rich yet subtle fragrance which transgresses from a floral to a musky note. Indulge in the elegance of this floral perfume oil, where rose and bergamot dance harmoniously, enticing your senses. Presented in a stunning glass bottle, the Hareem Al Sultan Gold Body Oil is an indulgent treat for oneself or a perfect gift for a loved one.

La miezul acestei compoziții, notele de ananas, prune și piersici se împletesc armonios, creând o explozie de arome fructate. Această fuziune dulceagă este ca o călătorie într-un grădină plină de fructe coapte și dulci.Base Notes: Agarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli - grounding the fragrance with a robust, woody finish for a long-lasting scent. The floral notes of Hareem Sultan perfume oil create a feeling of elegance and is suitable for both men and women. This fragrance is suitable for any occasion, whether a special event or a night out. In terms of the impact, the fragrance of Hareem Al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil-35ML by Khadlaj has a long-lasting effect that can linger for hours. The oil-based formula allows the fragrance to stay close to the skin, creating a subtle yet alluring scent that can be enjoyed by the wearer and those around them. Delivery Delays: Soghaat is not accountable for delays due to Customs inspections or other factors beyond our control. While we can't be held responsible for courier delays, your money is safe with us, and we work diligently to ensure swift deliveries. You'll receive what you've paid for, but please note that delays during transit are beyond our control. Whether it's a special gift for her or an everyday indulgence, this fragrance embodies allure and opulence, enhancing the aura of every woman who wears it.

Experience the enchantment with just a few drops, gliding effortlessly with the roller head, enveloping you in an enduring and captivating aroma that lingers throughout the day. When the Harem Al Sultan fragrance line first debuted in 2012, perfume lovers in the area took notice. Each perfume in the collection is named after a different character from the TV show and comes in a variety of scents for both men and women. The oriental and woody scents of the Harem Al Sultan perfume line are well-known , embracing notes of oud, amber, sandalwood, and musk. The hareemalsultan perfume collection is a well-liked option for formal parties and special occasions because these aromas are frequently linked to richness and elegance. Occasions to Wear: The scent Hareem Al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil is ideal for wearing on special events or in the evening. The fragrance's warm and spicy undertones project a sophisticated and opulent air, making it perfect for occasions like weddings, galas, and celebrations. The fragrance's lingering quality makes sure that you will make an impression everywhere you go. Notele de vârf te întâmpină cu o explozie de prospețime sublimă, cu bergamotă, iasomie și bujor. Această deschidere este ca o poartă către o lume a luxului și senzualității. First, place a few drops of oil behind your earlobes, jawline, beard tips, or hair ends using your inner wrists as a guide.

Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Jasmine, Amber - contributing to the floral heart, accentuated with the warming hint of nutmeg and the depth of amber. An Oriental fragrance with citrus, flowery, and fruity tones that is light and refreshing is called Harem Al Sultan Silver. The scent begins with a blast of acidic, fresh citrus notes, like bergamot and lemon, mixed with green notes that give the scent a clean, invigorating sense. The floral notes of jasmine and rose are complemented with fruity notes of peach and raspberry in the fragrance's center. A delicate and enduring perfume is produced as the fragrance settles into a base of sweet vanilla and musk. Launching the latest edition of Hareem Al Sultan Gold with a 20ml Hareem Al Sultan Spray Perfume - EXCLUSIVELY By AROMA CONCEPTS

The Harem Al Sultan perfume line has become well-known and admired not only in the Arab world but also among perfume connoisseurs worldwide. It has received numerous recognitions and honors in the fragrance business, including the prestigious "Luxury Perfume of the Year" award at the London Lifestyle Awards in 2013.

Hareem Al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil-35ML, With Free Gift Spray EDP - 20ml by Khadlaj is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance that can make anyone feel confident and glamorous. The fragrance is composed of top notes of rose and bergamot, which give it a fresh and floral scent. Hareem Al Sultan Gold– desăvârșirea rafinamentului olfactiv. Acest minunat ulei parfumat concentrat, creat de Khadlaj, este o comoară în lumea parfumeriei. Aromatizând cele mai de preț momente cu un amestec sublim, este o adevărată bijuterie olfactivă.

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