Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21

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Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21

Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21

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Coleman’s, in this book and elsewhere, that we are in a war against the elites and that we will win it. Louis René Beres, a professor of political science at Purdue University, chaired Project Daniel, a group advising Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. I have been following Vernon Cole's You Tube and Brand New You Tube since the beginning and find him a honest, caring genius who sees through all the green screening. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past, and they have ensured against it. He also has a section in Part Two where he goes deeper into the origin and purpose of Agenda 21 (though not exhaustively).

This is seen by some commentators on the subject as the first threat of the use of the Samson Option. Citing his state’s failed anti-Agenda 21 bill, Arizona state senator Steve Farley says that there is a growing awareness among business-minded Arizona Republicans that their Tea Party-aligned colleagues are hurting the state’s business interests. Coleman later claimed that the wearing of face masks caused mucormycosis, despite no link being found between mask wearing and mucormycosis. In March 1976 the CIA accidentally publicly admitted that Israel had 10–20 nuclear weapons "ready to use.We must not allow ourselves to be put off by scorn, derision, undisguised contempt or a lack of support or encouragement from others.

Gaffney, Mark (1989), Dimona, The Third Temple: The Story Behind the Vanunu Revelation, Amana Books, p. It was planned and documented for decades, and us conspiracy people have been talking about it forever. These claims were similarly debunked by the medical community due to a lack of peer-reviewed evidence.An anti-vivisectionist, Coleman provided a supplementary memorandum for the House of Lords on the topic of vivisection in 1993. Coleman has also claimed the Coronavirus Pandemic has links to the Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory and the Great Reset Theory, which both suggest a cabal of elite figures are attempting to depopulate the global community. He argues in the Final Report of Project Daniel and elsewhere that the effective deterrence of the Samson Option would be increased by ending the policy of nuclear ambiguity. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. Concerning anything and everything nuclear, Israel would be the responsible adult of the international community.

Their mission was to set up and remote detonate a nuclear bomb on a mountaintop as a warning to belligerent surrounding states. It was Joseph Goebbels who said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The Texas bill could also have barred nonprofits that work with the UN from receiving any state or municipal funding.After publishing his first book, The Medicine Men, in 1976, which accused the National Health Service of being controlled by pharmaceutical companies, Coleman left the NHS.

Coleman declined and refused to withdraw his remarks leading to an investigation by the Press Complaints Committee. Theorists argue that Agenda 21, a 23-year-old non-binding UN resolution that suggests ways for governments and NGOs to promote sustainable development, is the linchpin in a plot to subjugate humanity under an eco-totalitarian regime. In an article titled "Last Secret of the Six-Day War" the New York Times reported that in the days before the 1967 Six-Day War Israel planned to insert a team of paratroopers by helicopter into the Sinai. But if Mr McMeekin’s purpose was merely to exonerate all Ottoman behaviour and play down Armenian suffering, he would not have included the observation of a Venezuelan soldier of fortune who saw on a mountainside “thousands of half-nude and bleeding Armenian corpses, piled in heaps orinterlaced in death’s final embrace. The last big Russo-Turkish war, which formed one of the fronts in the first world war, is a source of continuing fascination to Sean McMeekin, a history professor at Bard College north of New York who previously taught at two universities in Turkey.I first cottoned on that something was amiss with this Covid 19 virus about a year ago, in Summer 2020.

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