Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure (leak/crack sealer) 60ml

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Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure (leak/crack sealer) 60ml

Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure (leak/crack sealer) 60ml

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This stuff is extremely fluid and therefore difficult to apply using the bottle as applicator and can only be used effectively on hairline cracks. Find and fix leaks easily with Captain Tolley's creeping crack cure; a unique capillary action for unparelleled penetration into hairline cracks which forms a flexible, strong, waterproof seal that lasts. Compatible with wood, rubber, glass, hard plastics, metals, fibreglass, ceramics, existing sealant, stone, brickwork and concrete. Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure is a great penetrating sealant and the small 60ml bottle makes it ideal for stowing away.

I used captain tolley's creeping crack cure on a 75 year old leaded light window where presumably the cement in the leading had started to leak in a few places. In the bathroom and kitchen seal sinks, shower trays, worktop joints, inset sink surrounds and such like. If you receive your goods and believe them to be faulty, please contact us straight away with a brief description of the problem. We list all of our deals on sailing, boating and yachting gear right here to make it easy for you to make your hard earned pennies go even further.Captain Tolleys is the ultimate surface sealant, its easy application method and numerous attributes make it the sealant of choice for boaters today. The sealant forms a strong flexible bond that can accommodate a small degree of structural movement. Some mention that it stopped all the leaks around the windows on their boat immediately, is extremely good at tracing leaks, and makes their windows water tight. The frame itself had had new sealant, but the water seemed to be coming through the rubber seal itself.

Once applied the creeping crack sure will create a watertight seal that is strong yet remains flexiible and is clear. crac ked planks, centreboard casings, around all deck fittings, skin fittings, plumbing, trim – or any other fine leaks. Filling cracks via a capillary action; its low viscosity and specially blended, acrylic copolymers create a watertight seal preventing leaks and those annoying drips! Cookies are small files held on your computer which allow us to give you the best browsing experience possible.Please be aware that some navigational and safety products may be dated, and as such a full refund may in some cases not be possible. For use with wood, glass, rubber, metals, perspex, ceramics, fibreglass, concrete, some plastics, polystyrene. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. The only negatives we could find are people who have had the same experience applying it into wet conditions where it has failed to work due to not following the instructions. Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure is water based and should be applied to as dry a surface as possible otherwise the product will be too dilute to be effective.

Captain Tolley’s Crack Cure will find and seal hairline cracks in leaking windows, portlights, decks, coachroofs, deck houses, planks, centre-board casings and all deck fittings. For yacht and boat owners a VHF is both a communication tool when at sea and also a safety device when requiring assistance at sea. Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure is a low viscosity, specially blended, acrylic copolymer, emulsion-based product with exceptional penetrating properties. Formulated to be as thin as water, Captain Tolley’s draws into hairline cracks and gaps using capillary action.My first attempt at using Tolley’s failed because the trim around my boat windows had a large amount of water trapped and not visible. Also in the process of using on a leak around the rear of an elderly honda jazz and it seems to have reduced the water seepage significantly, hopefully will affect a cure with another application. After spending quite a bit of money in having tradesperson after tradesperson who were unable to sort my leak problem I decided to purchase this product, I also purchased a adhesive syringe so I could get precision in avoiding any over spill on my windows as it were the window seams that were targeted.

We use the best value couriers available, and we will endeavour to get your products to you as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Captain Tolley’s is a low viscosity copolymer adhesive with exceptional penetrating properties which finds and fixes leaks in hairline cracks. CARS and CARAVANS: Perfect for sealing windows and windscreen surrounds, rivet holes, trim, gullies and skylights. As the product sets, it will seal the crack helping to prevent further ingress of moisture and, provided that the cracks are clean, a good bond will be obtained to the surfaces. If you follow what it says there's very little mess to clean up if it over runs because you put a little to much on.After a few applications, I waited for a day of heavy rainfall to test and unfortunately the window I had applied it too oozed a milky water as the rain made its way past the old seals and into the U-trim frame. This penetrating co-polymer sealant is formulated to be so thin that by using capillary action it can find its way INSIDE fine cracks and set to a CLEAR flexible seal. We've had it for a while and one day we suddenly noticed that there was a crack in the side and water was leaking out into the cupboard beneath. Ideal for sealing around stressed items such as deck fittings It’s compatible with wood, rubber, glass, metals, perspex, glass fibre, ceramics, concrete, brickwork and old sealants. Compatible with a wide variety of materials; rubber, glass, wood, hard plastics, existing sealants, concrete, ceramics, metals and fibreglass.

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