NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle Teat, 0-6 Months, Silicone with Small Feed Hole, Anti-Colic, 2 Count

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The award winning NUK First Choice+ Teat features the NUK orthodontic shape, a super soft zone which adapts perfectly to baby's palate and an extra wide lip support. Before babies start sucking their thumbs or the corner of a blanket, they should be given a soother that is right for the jaw.

Boil (sterilise) bottles, teats and accessories for 5 minutes before first use and clean and sterilise thoroughly before each subsequent use.The special shape results from the nipple adapting particularly well to a child´s mouth and fitting snugly up against the roof of the mouth and against the tongue below. Proper breastfeeding and sucking is needed for healthy mouth and jaw movement, which, in turn, is a requirement for eating and speaking.

We are pleased that you are interested in NUK Products and will be happy to send you detailed information about our range. Babies should not be dressed too warmly – an additional blanket is normally unnecessary – and the room should be aired regularly. The NUK First Choice Silicone Teat Size 1 Medium Hole 2PK is made with extra soft silicone with a natural shape for your little one.Constant sucking on bottles containing drinks, puree or sweet fruit and vegetable juices can cause tooth decay. The soft zone is gentle on the top of baby’s delicate mouth and the wide lip rest lets your baby latch on in a natural way. The NUK Teat also features the NUK Anti-colic Air System, which allows air to flow into the bottle through the improved vent, stopping baby swallowing air and helping to prevent colic.

Children should not be offered a soother if they do not need one and by no means should honey or other sweet foodstuffs be put on it.

A little tip: the American Academy of Pediatrics advises always giving soothers to babies until they are one year old, whenever they are going to sleep - day or night. When boiling, always check that there is sufficient liquid in the pan to avoid damaging teats and bottles.


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