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This was all fine and dandy, of course, until the rebels caught on and started feeding the jabberjays false info.

After the 75th Hunger Games, wearing a mockingjay symbol in any form is considered a sign of rebellion by the Capitol — whether or not the wearer intended any harm.Each tribute is allowed one item to remind them of their friends and family in their home district; the small pin bearing the image of a bird in flight is Katniss's.

The Capitol tried to breed jabberjays, birds that would relay conversations back to government officials, but the experiment was a failure when people began lying in the presence of the jabberjays. While the thought of a tiny little pin being used as a weapon might seem silly to us, the image of the mockingjay, as we will find out, is indeed an incredibly powerful and important weapon. Finance is provided by PayPal Credit (a trading name of PayPal UK Ltd, Whittaker House, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom, TW9 1EH).Your outer ring can be as thin or thick as you desire, but the novels represent the outer ring as being relatively thin. Plutarch Heavensbee showed Katniss his watch, which displayed a fleeting image of the mockingjay pin to hint that he was trustworthy [10] and tip her off about the clock arena.


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