MFT/3 Replacement Table top Cut in 18mm Moisture Resistant MDF Multi Function Clamping Table

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There are also multiple kinds of MDO; some have a perfectly smooth surface and some telegraph the grain from the underlying exterior plywood core. Next I can simply line up my jig flush with the short edge at my reference corner and clamp it in place, and then using the 4mm drill bit in my drill, I drill the holes. In all, it probably took me 5 or 6 hours to drill the entire top, not including the time it took to prepare, paint, and poly the piece.

I'm in the same boat; my PGS Mk II just arrived and I'll be heading out in a week or so when the weather improves a bit to get the materials for my DIY mft. I'm using some water based varnish which is pretty much my go to finish when I want something hardwearing, it's great stuff.Lots of compacted sawdust in the rear grooves as well, which all needed cleaning out, but did indeed clean out just fine.

But when I built the table, I completely forgot to position the bracing pieces as per the dimensions on the drawing, instead spacing them out evenly without thinking properly. MAKITA Router Adapter for Makita / Festool Track Guide Rail Quick Change TWISTLOCK DRT50Z, XTR01Z, RT0700C + Katsu. My combination square was still locked to 100mm having used it to scribe the centre line on my jig, and I could use that to mark up 100mm in from my reference corner of the table top along both the long and short edges.

If you want to learn more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. This top can be used with our aluminum workbench frame , and it's easy to assemble - just place together! Hold the square up to the edge, scribe a line, and then flip the square over, scribe another line, and if your square is square, those lines should be exactly the same distance away from one another.


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