The Man Who Died Twice: (The Thursday Murder Club 2)

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Two in the morning, I don't care, I find a corpse, I pick up the phone: 'Elizabeth, there's a corpse on the landing, on the bowls lawn, doesn't matter where, slip on a pair of shoes and come and take a look. This one is not quite as cozy as the first, with some new baddies, a mafia angle, stolen diamonds, cryptic messages, a lady drug dealer, spies and a perplexing double murder!

Even though they are busy with their far from successful surveillance of local drug dealer Connie Johnson, Fairhaven’s finest cops DCI Chris Hudson and his partner PC Donna De Freitas are again on hand to assist our favourite senior citizens especially when Ibrahim becomes the victim of a vicious mugging. Another fun, laugh-out-loud, twisty murder mystery that keeps you seconding guessing everyone and everything to the very end. They have become so close, their actions surrounding Ibrahim are evidence of that and look, I didn’t mind the fact that the police were included in their plans.PC Donna de Freitas and DCI Chris Hudson along with their friend Bogdan all come to aid the investigations in their own capacities.

And when one of their own is attacked, all members of the group are in great form to step in where others do not! Altogether a great read with an interesting mystery, lots of humour, delightful characters and a perfect ending. I love Richard Osman’s wry and clever sense of humour which I’m glad to say crops up with frequency.These are feel-good books despite the planned violence and crimes, and in turn that's what makes this book, and I presume series so good, I truly care about the cast and where their journeys will take them. Richard Osman is a British television producer, presenter, comedian and the author of the phenomenally popular The Thursday Murder Club. Just because they are in the upper age profile nobody messes with them and gets away with it, they take no prisoners, they are full of vim, vigour, brains and a barrel load of flair and ingenuity.

This book is fun, it’s charming, it’s so well-written, and it’s safe to say that I’ll follow this series wherever the brilliant mind of Richard Osman wants to take me.The mystery is a fun one to try and crack, and I enjoyed attempting to use my detective skills once again. However, he stated: "As a reviewer I can find plenty of faults, but as a reader I didn't care", having "read it from cover to cover and enjoyed every minute. Quintessentially English, the plot is pacy, the characters are divine and the humour contagious so it’s hardly surprising The Man Who Died Twice has shot to the top (again!


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