The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Editions)

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Galadriel is still mishandled and a loose end, but a future payoff and a once deleted scene in the next film get set up. Even smarter, due to some tracks being so heavily populated, the name of each speaker pops up on screen when they get a turn. Finally, this box set concludes with the third and last of the Costa Botes documentaries, which picks up right where the second one ended.

Besides Sauron, Saruman, and Gandalf, the only character to get real attention is Aragorn, the hidden/obscured/irrelevant king. There are packed image galleries, in-depth character and location studies, examinations of the sound, editing, design.

The cave of the dead gets fleshed out, to add some real creep factor to it, that was seriously lacking before, and Peter Jackson makes a fun little cameo.

There is no extended/new scene indicator, as is found in some other alternate cut home video releases; however, the chapter selection for each film has single and double apostrophes next to each chapter indicating what changes are made. With the forming of a Fellowship to help guide Frodo along his path to Mordor to destroy the ring where it was created, all races have put their fate and faith in their newfound Hobbit friend. We understand his relationship to Gandalf better, and his relationship to Frodo is much more detailed.

This fan's favorite literary giant became a fan favorite cinematic giant immediately, but will it be a gigantic Blu-ray system seller? DNR, which is literally nowhere on the first film, does pop up from time to time, so keep an eye on beards and hair for some random blurring and patching that doesn't quite make sense.


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