Easylife Supportive Leg Rest with 80% Cotton Calf Pad, Leg Rest for Elevating Leg, Leg Raiser, Leg Rest Stool, Leg Elevation, Leg Support Rest, Leg Raiser for Swollen Legs - Fully Guaranteed

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Helping you elevate and rest your legs, this wheeled Leg and Footstool is easy to position and can be used around the house. g. by adding an extra mattress for pressure relief) can the hoist still lift the person so that his/her bottom clears the mattress surface?

This footstool is height-adjustable via the legs and has four options that can be chosen via the ‘e-typer’ pin clips.We have SmartGel™ products to soothe and protect corns and bunions, special insoles that support plantar fasciitis and heel pain, and sumptuous creams to keep feet and legs feeling soft and cared for.

If a person is unable to take any of their weight through their legs, advice should ALWAYS be sought from a therapist as to the safest method of assisting or moving them out of bed. Ideal for diabetes sufferers, post-operative patients and everyone who just appreciates the art of relaxation, it lifts your legs and supports them in the ideal position.

e. that which a community nurse considers necessary to help him or her carry out nursing duties effectively. If you need a foot or leg rest, we have a wide range of comfortable and portable leg supports that are ideal for use at home or when travelling. Many people with swollen feet find that raising their feet from the floor has a significant impact on their comfort.

HM Revenue and Customs sets out the conditions when equipment for disabled people might be free of VAT and how to claim exemption from paying VAT on these products.When lying down in bed this extremely comfortable position is ideal for resting tired legs and feet. Two types of turner are available - a simple stick with a rubber tip used in the hands or mouth, or a powered fully automated device controlled by switches which both holds the book and turns the pages. Foot and leg rests provide crucial support and elevation for individuals with disabilities or injuries.


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