ZAC 1500W Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine 220V 1-Phase MAX Hand-held Fiber Laser Cleaner for Removing Rust, Paint, Oil, Coating Laser Cleaner Rust Removal Tool with 15m Optical Cable

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Laser cleaning technology has found significant applications in both the automotive and aerospace industries for precision, environmental friendliness, and efficiency. This is the first commercially available collaborative, easily programmable, Artificial Intelligence capable Laser Cleaning system in the US.

As a non-contact process, laser cleaning is a low maintenance method ideal for industrial laser cleaning applications.There are a lot of benefits that can be capitalised on from laser cleaning, outside of removing material. Offering the highest throughput of all manually loaded laser machines, the rotary workstation uses a dual-position rotary table so you can simultaneously load and clean parts. As well as on-site laser cleaning, we offer off-site professional laser cleaning at our cleaning facility.

Handheld laser cleaners come with laser configurations that can be manually selected for specific tasks, such as laser rust removal, paint removal, and corrosion removal.

Other common methods consist of brushing, plasma irradiation, heating systems, and chemical etching. Therefore, there is far less damage to the surface of a part when laser-cleaned compared to other technologies or methods of cleaning.

The QF-Compact laser is easy to maintain and operate, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications. Save time with laser rust removal, paint stripping, and mold cleaning for preparing surfaces for painting.The CleanTech™ EZ-Rider Handheld LPC-M50-M3000 CTH is a high-performance, military-grade, fast, and productive laser cleaning tool. Renting the P-Laser QF-Compact 50-100W laser cleaning machine on a daily or weekly basis is the most convenient way to clean objects. Remove rust and corrosion from nearly any surface with a safer, more eco-friendly approach than sandblasting.


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