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King Kong is my favourite character, he is misunderstood by the western world and appears to them as a terrifying monster, perhaps because that is all they are willing to see him as. I did quibble about how strongly Ann was made to look like Monroe early on, and it was weird she got bought so much stuff and only ever wore one cocktail dress the entire cruise to Skull Island. This is Anthony Browne’s retelling of the classic King Kong story produced in a large, children's picture book form.

But the artwork has a lot of wonderful foreshadowing, and looks class all round, and the telling is a really good child-friendly read. By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. He hides a number of interesting and thought provoking things in his illustrations which almost makes it feel like you’re reading the pictures as well the text.The language use is accurate for the time setting and almost poetic in nature, giving a kind of ‘film noir’ edge to the story.

This makes a lovely gift and a good addition to any child’s bookshelf, which will appeal to a wide age range. His enthralling story involves battles with dinosaurs, daring rescues and incredible escapes - endless thrills lead up to one of the most famous climaxes of all time!This is maybe the 10th time I’ve reread this book, I used to read it over and over again when I was younger and I remembered that I still had it the other day and decided to read it again. Influenced by surrealists he found his originality in creating a dreamlike world populated by gorillas – strong, massive, often deformed characters that are capable of the most unexpected, kindest feelings.

Along with hundreds of curious New Yorkers, Denham, Driscoll and Ann are in evening wear for the gala event. In reality, he is gentle and caring and suffers from fear, anxiety, pain and loss (and many other emotions), just like we do.The military dispatches four Curtiss Helldiver biplanes (with Lewis Guns, and Browning M1918s) to destroy Kong. Unfortunately, I did find the book’s storyline quite slow and unexpectedly struggled to maintain interest in finishing the book myself.


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