With the End in Mind: Dying, Death and Wisdom in an Age of Denial

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This book is a beautiful collection of stories and reflections about dying, written by a palliative care doctor. This book is not going to be for everyone given the subject matter, but it is a step in the right direction to seeing death as an intrinsic part of life and coping with it in the best way for you. I've also seen a couple where I believe the people were in a nightmarish state even as they were in their final unconsciousness.

One person’s good death is not another’s – we all need to find our own way to take our bow and leave the stage.When the news came a year ago out of the blue, my medical friends recommended this book to me and my family as their Peter (not medical) died peacefully of rapidly advancing cancer after a short remission. At Bridge Books, we love getting to know our community and are always willing to chat and help point you towards resources you might find useful.

It’s offered me some ‘permission’ to say what I see, ask simple and complex questions of her carers, express and ask for what I know she would and wouldn’t want and what I want.Interestingly centred around the time when the perspective of life and meaning are under scrutiny and question.

Many of us won’t read a book like this because we don’t want to look at death, think about death, speak about death, let alone read about Mr Grim and his rusty scythe.

They say that the Victorians were happy to talk about death, but not sex, and now we’ve reversed that as no conversation about sex seems too much, and yet we can’t even bring ourselves to use words like died/dead/death, only passed or lost or late. I was a bit startled by some of the negative reviews for this book which I read when I was half way through.


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