Corrupted By You: An Arranged Marriage Romance (Sins of Montardor)

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Their chemistry was off the charts and their were so many elements to their relationship, you got the spicy dirty-talking side and the sweet expressing of all five love languages side (he bought her a private island FGS). i wasn’t expecting sweet little Darla over here to be writing smut in her free time but here we are! He totally was obsessed with Darla from the moment he laid eyes on her, and then when they were arranged to be married, this man became possessive and protective over his girl in a heartbeat.

Because the loneliness beating in my chest evanesces when I’m near you and I want to know everything about you, including how that fascinating mind works. But mainly because this was Zeno’s way of showing Darla that he cared about her, in his own way without using words. Dark Academia has been around a while, but I feel like it has been really gaining traction in the last few years; let's dive in and discuss all the details that make it so intriguing!This second book was exciting, erotic and utterly romantic - you are introduced to Zeno, the double of Hades, and his Persephone, Darla (a reintroduction from Trapped With You).

Overall the book was great, a solid good dark romance, but the writing style can be a huge hit or miss for sure. If you don’t like obsessed heroes who are willing to, “burn down the world to get justice for the woman they love,” then this is not the book for you! Falcon Bellamy spent years locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, which shattered his dream of serving his country as a Navy SEAL.

Sadly, he hasn't met the woman to make his secret yearning come true, until he meets Contessa Warren. Lauren Thompson After learning the truth behind her father's tragic murder, Lauren vowed never to go near another Volkov again, but sometimes matters of the heart are too strong to resist. My heart ached for him so much when he was telling Darla about his childhood, I just wanted to give him a tight hug, not to forget about the fact that he's 6-3'4ft so me being 5-3'4ft and hugging him would be so damn good.


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