1965 Vintage Careers Board Game

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Brown designed Careers to be an answer to what he perceived as the 1950s focus on greed and monetary-based self-worth. S. city newspapers going back 100 years and more, golden and silver age fine condition comic books (soon to be added), and many other ephemeral items as well as much more recent popular volumes.

Play is relatively simple, and possible a little dull if I’m honest, for the first couple of times around the board, but once players start on the different career paths the game picks up pace somewhat. And as soon as I opened it to take some pictures, Caleb saw the game and immediately wanted to dive in. Parker Brothers' Careers board game first appeared in 1955, designed by the then-famous sociologist, linguist, and author James Cooke Brown.

This amount includes seller specified domestic postage charges as well as applicable international postage, dispatch, and other fees. This is a good non-Parker Brothers release, and if you cannot locate a 1971 or 1976 copy, the 1997 version is a good substitute. In writing this review, I wanted to get some pictures of the version of the game I played oh so many years ago.

One square that caught my eye when I started playing again recently was the ‘Get German Measles’ square in the ‘Space’ path. Winning Moves Games has taken the original and brought it back to life, with career paths including Entertainment, Politics, Exploring, Farming, Expedition to the Moon, and Adventure at Sea.

This is a print and play board game with everything you need to have an educational and fun board game revision lesson. What is particularly interesting in Careers is that you don’t share your success formula with anyone until you have achieved it.This Version is from 1971 by Parker , This is a Game where the players set their own victory conditions.


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