Blonde Roots: From the Booker prize-winning author of Girl, Woman, Other

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As we follow her perilous escape, Doris tells us how she was abducted from a poor English cabbage farm where she lived with her parents. But at times it feels that Evaristo is so intent on establishing the details of her alternative world that the emotional reality takes a while to catch up. Inoltre, il prognatismo stesso della mascella denota determinazione di carattere e un forte senso dell’obiettivo.

Doris is a feisty and irrepressible character and although often horrific, her story is an engrossing page turner. The story is built on this what-if scenario, everything being reversed compared to how the history really happened. She describes the gruesome Middle Passage, during which half her fellow captives expire or are murdered; the vicissitudes of the slave market, where traumatized family members are sold off in different directions; and the rape and humiliation that keep whyte people laboring on the sugar cane plantations.

Here, she becomes part of the community of whytes who have lived for several generations in slavery and who, despite the threat of brutality that hovers over them, have carved out a life that includes makeshift family ties, solidarity and kindness.

Book Two, in which Chief Kaga Konata Katamba gives us his memoirs of his first trip to the Heart of Darkness which is the Cabbage Coast, and describes his first encounters with the backwards-seeming natives of England, is well done. You can find me reading mostly fiction (especially dystopian stories and climate fiction), some memoirs, and a tiny bit of poetry. She was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 2004, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2006, and she received an MBE in 2009.

It’s amazing how good fortune propels some novels to literary, and financial, success while others, like Blonde Roots are overlooked. But how do you maintain that shock over atrocities 200 years old without people feeling they have heard the story before?


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