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This reusable lotion applicator for the back is a versatile, long-reach lotion applicator that can be used even under the shower for shower gels as well. For instance, the AmazerBath Lotion Applicator comes with a padded design that offers an easy-to-use solution no matter where you are, while the Vive Back Lotion Applicator is lightweight and has a non-slip grip handle that makes it easy to get to the harder-to-reach areas.

Long gone are the days of awkwardly applying creams to dry backs, struggling with self tan streaks and neglecting full-body exfoliation. This long reach body lotion applicator is machine washable and can be used for applying moisturizers, ointments, and medication.After graduating, Raisa enrolled in an esthetics program where she fell in love with the curriculum and worked. The 17-inch AmazerBath Lotion Applicator has a curved shape that makes it easier to apply lotion effectively to your back, legs, feet, and other challenging-to-reach body parts. It also has 19 rolling balls that helps to apply the lotion evenly to their body and hard to reach areas such as the back and lower legs, without the need for stretching.

Not only does the Lotion Applicator apply cream to your skin but it also massages your skin at the same time. If you’re suffering because you can’t easily stretch to every part of your back or have simply ignored that patch of your body because it’s just too difficult to get to, then owning an applicator for your back makes reaching your back easy. If you struggle to apply lotion or cream to hard-to-reach areas like your back or shoulders as a result of back pain, your skin can become dry and cracked.The Ezee Reach Lotion Applicator has a gentle massaging effect which cleans and reinvigorates the skin.

Simply fill the reservoir with your favourite lotion or oil and let the 19 rolling beads do the rest to apply lotion evenly, without mess. I have restless legs, and a number of other non related conditions which seem to have improved by using the magnesium cream.The BIOS Medical Lotion Applicator includes a cover to keep the unused product from spilling between uses. If possible the person making the claim should complete this form, but a family member, carer or medical professional may complete the form on the claimants behalf.


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