Arduino Starter Kit for beginner K000007 [English projects book]

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Choose from a range of official Arduino products and electronics from Arduino shields to boards – including the ever-popular Arduino Uno. However, even if you’re an experienced designer, the Arduino Starter Kit is a great way to tinker about with the different functionalities of the Arduino Uno. Alternatively if you're an electronics enthusiast looking to top up the parts in your kit or looking for new inspiration, our range of Grove bundles and robot kits are the perfect choice for your next project.

The beginning of each lesson provides an overview, estimated completion times, and learning objectives. As a result, they will build an LED circuit where the Arduino board will control the brightness of the LEDs based on the position of the potentiometer. If you use a breakout for the ULN2003A transistor array chip, you can connect a stepper motor to Arduino!The students will complete an open-ended project to design, build and program their own holiday light circuit.

Once the kit is activated, the educator can enroll students and other educators, granting them access as well. This Classroom 6-Pack is for a classroom of at least twelve students, the recommended ratio is two students per kit, and intended for use starting from middle school teachers onwards, looking for an extensive educational solution for learning how to use the Arduino platform.The UNO R3 Super Starter Kit from Elegoo offers the ideal introduction to the world of programming and electronics!

This Starter Kit is based around the Arduino Uno development board which features the AVR ATmega328 microcontroller.

Teach 11 to 14 year old (middle school) students the basics of programming, coding, and electronics.


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