Angler Fish Adult Fancy Dress Costume

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The same philosophy applies to building the body of the fish- without a form to build around poly foam is very difficult to work with. When all the cables have been glued in place you will need to gather them into bunches on the inside of the suit. The ratings/reviews displayed here may not be representative of every listing on this page, or of every review for these listings.

I started with a few sketches to work out the design and figure out what this thing was going to look like. By gluing the mats together edge to edge using contact cement I was able to form the skull of the fish around the polystyrene armature.I glued after my spray painting and had to spray paint again because the lights were white and I got some glue on the painted cardboard.

All in all the suit held about 4 gallons of paint and added probably 20lbs to the overall weight (well worth it though- the paint really increases the structural integrity of the foam). Semi-sheer black fin panels are sewn between the body and the upper arms of the fabric-spiked sleeves.

If i did it again I would reinforce the suit with a strong fabric like denim to cover the entire interior surface of the foam- this would make the suit very tear proof. You can also use spray foam adhesive- it's faster and very strong but it's expensive and I found it difficult to work cleanly with. The angler part is made from simple plastic rod (from Home Depot) with functioning LED light bulb attached to it.


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