SQUEEZE master Thermal Compost Bin-Large Compost Bin Outdoor-110L /29 Gallon-Insulation Material-Accelerated Composting-Huge Opening-Bottom Liquid Collection-Compost Mixing Tool &Shovel

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The internationally protected technology behind this state-of -the-art bio-composting reactor includes use of environmentally friendly microorganisms. Both adding and emptying waste is straightforward, as the hatch is large and opens and locks smoothly with a chunky knob.

You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. The type of ground you are setting your bin on is also important, as plastic and wooden compost bins will ideally need to be placed on grass or earth while insulated bins can sit on hard ground. p>The thermos walls and the ventilation slots mean that it can create an ideal climate for accelerated composting.

Heat builds in the pile, and thermophilic (heat-loving) bacteria multiply, breaking down all but the most resistant materials around the hot core of the pile, driving off moisture and carbon dioxide in the process. In a hot compost pile, the size of the pile—and the particle size and mix of materials that go into it—are optimized to generate high temperatures.

Commercial food waste composting and recycling solutions Tidy Planet manufacture the Rocket composter and other food waste reduction products. Made from pressure treated pine, the slats have a smooth, planed finish and are guaranteed against rot for 15 years. Elaine Ingham, Oregon State University, for this paraphrased description of what goes wrong when compost piles go anaerobic.The accepted way, at least by professional gardeners, for coping with the continuous generation of garden waste is to have 3 separate compost heaps. Apart from the fire hazard, at temperatures above 160° (71° C), all of the oxygen is quickly used up, and the compost pile “goes anaerobic”. Locate Your Nearest Go Green World Products Sales Representative For information on where to purchase this item or for other questions regarding this product, contact your local authorized Go Green World Products, LLC representative.


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