A Time of Dread: 1 (Of Blood & Bone)

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But there were a lot of satisfying arcs here, so I finished the book with the feeling of anticipation for the next one, but not with any frustrations about extreme cliff hangers.

Expect to devour every last scrap of knowledge that the author drip-feeds us of events that happened between the book Wrath and this work of art. I think that was another point where Drem’s storyline was left a little weak: we never followed any perspectives that allowed us to see him from the outside as someone else would.

The nock of arrows, the clashing of steel, the explosion of blood, the formation of shield walls; his action scenes have always been very cinematic, intricate, immersive and dynamic, and this book is no exception. This book is actually easier to follow because there are only 4 POVs instead of the 10 we had in the original series and because the world has merged into a kind of unions so there are fewer cities than the first series! The main characters from the first series are long dead with only their legacies, both their legend and their descendants, remaining.

I can’t help imagining myself in this sort of situation, and I hope that I would have the strength of conviction and the moral compass Drem displays when looking after his friends and family.I don’t know if it’s because I was so attached to Corban as a character or what, but I felt like his story should have been told more like Corban’s was. It's within this subtle and shifting moral landscape where Gwynne really shines, never opting for the easy answers. Aptly titled, this book is filled with a sense of dread that only increases until the final hundred pages, which I flew through.


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