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I think bill did a great job, maybe he needs to also put the poetry lecturer hat on and start teaching songs, or something. No, it was wonderful and I hope that you and Bill also caught the sort of sense of the light- defying star, the ancestor of the light-defying starship here maybe was the Planetary Society's LightSail. That's true but it leaves out the wonder you'll find in many of the collections poems, it includes works from some of the 20th and 21st centuries greatest poets. We can thank Julie Swardstad Johnson and Christopher Cokinos. Julie's senior library specialist in the University of Arizona Poetry Center, she authored the 2019 poetry collection, Pennsylvania Furnace among other works and served as Artist-in-Residence at Gettysburg National Military Park. Her University of Arizona colleague Christopher, is a professor of English who also teaches Science Communication. He is the author of Hope Is the Thing with Feathers: A Personal Chronicle of Vanished Birds and The Fallen Sky: An Intimate History of Shooting Stars. Wait, there's more... For an adventure of galactic proportions, blast off in search of The Lost Astronaut! Join the Stardust crew on a journey through the stars in a puzzle book that's filled with galaxy of fun. Yeah. Apollo 11 command module was Columbia, Apollo 15 command module is Endeva, and Apollo 17, the lunar module was Challenger. Space is a great theme to cover in lessons and playtime as it's so mysterious and exciting for young children to explore.

With Tracy K Smith, she looks out into space or thinking about those images. They're kind of terrifying but I love that last line in that the distance, the expanse that we see is both terrifying but there's also the sense of it being alive, there's a sense that it comprehends us in a way almost as much as we comprehend it. It was also just wonderful to hear Alan read that. New Horizons is one of my favorite missions, it's one that in the poem that I wrote for this book, there's a little bit of a mention of Pluto but that's just one that inspires me so much. Whether exploring the vast expanse of the universe or delving into the depths of human potential, the subject of space offers endless opportunities for poetic expression. I was impressed that you started in the preface with the famous work by Walt Whitman, When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer, which I have often quoted on this show but like me, you appear to disagree with his conclusion about science and scientists. Is that fair Chris?

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Blast off into the unknown and discover a galaxy of poems with Pie Corbett... The Rubbish Tip Alien Through vivid imagery, symbolism, and lyrical language, poets have captured the awe-inspiring nature of the cosmos, the excitement of space travel, and the interplay of space and time.

And there is a little note to this effect at the bottom of the poem. What does wonderful things putting this in context the way you have for some of these poems?Stars burn, grass grows, men breathe: as a man finding treasure says ‘Ah!’ but the treasure’s the essence; Julie Swardstad Johnson and Christopher Cokinos of the University of Arizona are the editors of Beyond Earth's Edge: The Poetry of Spaceflight. One more poem is still ahead. I don't think Bruce is going to win the Nobel with it but you never know. The cosmos has captured the imaginations of poets for centuries, inspiring some of the most famous works of literature. Here are some of the most famous space poems. 1. The Galaxy Yeah, I think that's fair. Julie and I had some interesting discussions about the role of science in poetry and wonder. And of course, we thought of the the Whitman poem as you mentioned, I think Julie had some really good thoughts about that.

The second major type of sonnet is the Shakespearean sonnet. In this form, three quatrains (four-line stanzas) provide a position, with a couplet (two-line stanza) providing a conclusion, amplification or refutation of the previous three stanzas. It follows the rhyme scheme: abab, cdcd, efef, gg.So if you fancy delving deeper into space poetry with KS2 learners, we’ve prepared a fantastic selection of resources to help you on your way: Hi, I'm Sasha Sagan author of, For Small Creatures Such as We and this is The Crew of Apollo 8 by Elaine V. Emans. "Shall we call them poets for having observed on their earliest times around the moon that it seemed to be layered with a grayish white beach sand with footprints in it? Or geologists for having reported to us the six or seven terraces leading down into crater angriness? Or shall we call them some new breed of bird for having swiftly flown weightless and unfearing and sharp eyed into the dark unknown? Yet words to tell of their skill and diancy are as weak as water and their return and being earthlings with us again are what most matter." I love that. I think that would be great. Let's get the vaccine, let's go get past COVID and have a spring on earth again be how spring on earth is supposed to be and we'll do it. Epitaph – An epitaph is a poem that mourns a death, real or imagined, usually intended to appear on a tombstone. Though serious, epitaphs can also be short and funny.

Absolutely, love The Society, been a member for so long, love the show so it's an honor to be on the show.Rhyming couplet – A rhyming couplet is a pair of lines with the same meter, or syllabic rhythm, that end in a rhyme. A rhyming couplet poem can have as many pairs of lines as the writer wishes but must have at least one pair. And not only that but cities, smoke, the roar of crowds, bells, and violins, the feet of children leaving school, all of that is alive in space now from now on because the astronauts didn't go by themselves. They brought our Earth, the odors of Moss and forest, love, the crisscrossed limbs of men and women, terrestrial rains over the prairie's. Something floated up like a wedding dress behind the two spaceships, it was spring on earth blooming for the first time that conquered and inanimate heaven depositing in those altitudes the seed of our kind." I think so too Matt. I would say it's a form of translation really. It's a form of communicating from one realm, one kind of discourse to another. It creates a sense of participation and community. Equally putting fun topics like space into songs is going to be a great way to get the information contained to your class in a bite-ize, abosrbable fiorm. Because we have two poems here in these nine that are both basically about the Hubble Space Telescope. If you don't mind, I'm going to go on to the next of these it's from someone else who's been heard many times on the show, so we'll go to that now.

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